The fizzy drink, Irn-Bru by BARR was launched in 1901. In Scotland, Irn-Bru is the biggest selling fizzy drink, the only one to outsell Coca-cola. They are renowned for their famous and funny advertising campaigns. They were known for making fun of Americans and being proud to be Scottish. In 2004, their slogan became "Its Phenomenal". Soon everyone was singing their jingle.

File:Irn-Bru logo.jpg
File:Irn-Bru logo.jpg

IRN-BRU Timeline.

1901- the legendry "Iron Brew" was launched! All soft drinks were in returnable glass bottles.

1906- "Iron Brew" creates one of its first newspaper advertisments.

1915- as the war went on Barr featured "Victory Brew" to keep up morale on the home front.

1930s- The adventures of Ba-bru and Sandy first appeared in Scottish newspapers. (comic strip.)
Fire in the Glasgow premises which destroyed part of the main factory.

1942-47- for the remainder of World War II IRON BREW was taken off sale but continued to run the Ba-Bru comic strip.
1946- brand names were supposed to be literally true, although it did contain iron, it wasn’t brewed, so they had no choice, but to find a new spelling.
1947- “IRN BRU” was born. And the cartoons contained the new spelling.
Early 1950’s- a neon sign was placed on top of the Glasgow Central Station Building, replacing the old on.
1954- IRN BRU was introduced to England via press campaign.
1964- first IRN BRU TV ad was screened on STV. But no copies exist.
1965- new label was introduced in England but not in Scotland.
1969- advertisement: new label with tartan was introduced to England but also not to Scotland.

Mid 1970’s- introduced new advertisement campaign “Your Other National Drink. Made in Scotland from Girders.”
1972- IRN BRU was first introduced in cans.
Mid 1980’s- launched the mid 1970’s campaign, but for TV and posters.
1988- more new posters were launched.
1991- “low calorie” IRN BRU was renamed as “diet IRN BRU”.
1994- £2.7 million campaign new IRN BRU design, TV and poster, theme- “Think Different”.
1995- launched new poster campaign aimed at teenage audience aged 13-18 year olds. Had a unique tone of voice and clever humour which has become synonymous with the brand.

1997 to PRESENT- continued introducing posters for the award winning poster campaign.

^^ This is a fairly recent poster campaign from Irn-bru, released in the summer of 2005. It is taking the mickey of the moody, gothic teenagers which were popular to that time. It is aimed at adults who would laugh at the state of the British teenagers at that time. It has the same layout as every poster ad campaign Irn-Bru has released. Irn-Bru also had TV adverts released with goths in black and white, then they drink the Irn-Bru and the world becomes coloured and they go to the sea side to go on all the rides. It was saying that irn bru can cheer up even the most depressed and dismal of people. The message behind this advertising campaign is that Irn-Bru is so good that it can cheer you up when you are down.

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^^This is the newest Irn-Bru poster campaign. It was released at the start of May and is still being shown currently. It is similar to the very first Irn-Bru campaign, as it is once again mocking the Americans. It is suitable to the time period because the film, High School Musical is in its prime and therefore, this poster is recognised by young children and teenagers across the world. The Slogan is “It’s fizzy, its ginger, it’s phenomenal”. The message is that, similarly to the first campaign, it is mocking the Americans and Irn-Bru and Scotland are better than America. They are saying to be proud to be Scottish.

^^The first ever Irn Bru advert on TV. Irn-Bru have been advertising on TV since the 1990's. It is a humorous advert, taking the micky out of Americans and Coca Cola. It is aimed at people with a sense of humour, mostly adults,as children may not understand it because some of the scenes and clips are from older days. The message is that they are better than Coca Cola and American adverts, and that the Scottish Irn-Bru is much better. This advert is a lot less technologically advanced than their newer advertising campaigns; however, they still have a catchy song with funny lyrics, which is something irn bru adverts are famous for. It is suitable to the period of time because it is quite like dirty dancing and other films which were big during that time. The slogan of this advertising campaign was "Made in Scotland from girders".

^^ This is the Christmas Irn-Bru advertising campaign. It was launched in 2006 and is a remake of the popular Christmas film, The Snowman. They use the famous and iconic scene where the snowman and the little boy are flying through the sky to "Walking in the air" by Aled Jones. They have changed the words to make it a fun and jokey advert. It is aimed at both children and adults, as everyone can enjoy and understand the advert. The message is that Irn-Bru is so good that even the kind and lovely snowman would steal the Irn-Bru and let go of the boy's hand for the drink. The advert is similar to other campaigns in that there is a catchy and funny song that everyone will remember and associate with Irn-Bru. However, the song is much slower than previous adverts. The advert was suitable because it was a Christmas advert, which contained an iconic Christmas image, and their advert, for many, has also become one.

^^This advert is the newest campaign. It was released at the start May 2009 and is still currently being at aired. In the advert, it is once again mocking the Americans as it is making fun of the film "High School Musical" and its follow ups. It shows students at a high school doing various things as the main singer/actor walks through the corridor. It shows boys repeatedly ramming another's head into an Irn-Bru machine, a boy hitting a basketball out of another boys hands and at the end they finish up in the scene and positions that they do in the film, then a boy throws a basketball at them and shouts "beat it". The target audience is for younger children and teenagers as they will recognise the High School Musical theme. The message behind the advert is that once again, the same as the very first advert campaign they did, is that they are making out they think they are better than the Americans and they are proud to be Scottish. This is relating back to the first advert but it is different because it is more technologically advanced and therefore the actual picture quality is better. However, this advert is for younger people whereas the first advert campaign was for the older people. The advert is suitable for the period because currently, High School Musical is in its prime and is a huge hit worldwide with the younger generation. The slogan used for this advert is "It's fizzy, it's ginger, it's phenomenal" which is very catchy and also a good slogan because it is reminding everyone of all things Scottish and that Irn-Bru is Scottish!