The Challenge

Welcome 3E1 to your very own advertising wiki. As you might know, a wiki is a website which can be created, edited and modified by a number of people. You have all been given editing privileges for this site. Your task over the next few days is to research the advertising history of your chosen company. Each member of your group must focus on one particular campaign.

A page has been created for each of your chosen companies. Each group must create that page and include the following items and information:

  • Pictures from each of the different advertising campaigns
  • An explanation of the features of each advert including your analysis of the following
      • Date/era of the advert
      • An explanation of the layout and content of the advert
      • Target Audience - please justify
      • The message - again justify your thoughts behind this
      • How this advert compares with later/earlier adverts by the company
      • How the advert was suitable for the period
      • Slogans/captions or jingles throught the company's history

  • You must also provide a paragraph at the end of all the campaigns explaining how your company's adverts have changed over time and why you think those chages were suitable/important

NB - important information

  • You can proof read and edit each other's pages. (Please be nice. I have a list of all your usernames and can see who has added and deleted information on each page.)
  • Do not use your real names. This is for security reasons and is why you all have your lovely brand-related usernames.
  • Click here for the sandbox page to play. Use this to get the feel of the site and practise uploading pictures and info.
  • Use the discussion tab at the top of each page to ask questions, offer advice, share ideas and discuss the task in any way.
  • You will see that there are two other pages - one id the "Home2 page which is subtitled "History of Advertising" and one called "Advertising Games". These also have to be created and are the responsibility of every member of the class. Feel free to start these pages, add to them and edit them in any way you feel is relevant. You can also create any other relevant pages.
  • Finally - the site is not yet live and is private at the moment. Once it is up and running we will make it a public space, advertise it and invite people to have a look at our work. However, I have invited a few members of staff to have a look and also to offer adivce and guidance.

Individual Targets

Every member of the project must do each of the following at least once:

  • Start or contribute to a discussion
  • Add to your group's webpage
  • Add/contribute to/edit the History of Advertising page
  • Add/contribute to the game page
  • Put something funny on the sandbox page


These should help you get started with your research.

adflip - Searchable database. Look by category first otherwise it will ask you to subscribe :(

Duke University - History of Advertising in America - useful for your companies but also for general ad history (don't forget the front page!)

Cool Ads Searchable database including videos from hundreds of ad campaigns (Videos not working in school) :( This is a usefel site with both modern and archived ads.

If you find any other useful links feel free to paste them here. Don't forget that you can edit this and any other page on this site.

Enjoy the project folks!