Guess which companies created which slogans!


  1. You deserve a break today
  2. Be all that you can be
  3. Hits the Spot
  4. M'm, M'm good
  5. See the USA in your
  6. I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener
  7. Double your pleasure, double your fun
  8. Winston tastes good like a cigarette should
  9. It's the Real Thing
  10. A little dab'll do ya

Cadbury's Chocolate Machine
external image uk_chocmachine.jpg

Indian Cadbury Dairy Milk Tetris

Cadbury Easter Bunny Game

here is a coca cola game


if you go onto this website there is an irn bru game where you can use a sling shot to quench the grannies thirst. all you have to do is pull the sling shot back and it shoots :) its quite complicated but addictive. - this is an irn bru trivia quiz. Try to beat my score of 6/10